Happy New Year!

Well it is officially 2018 – a brand new year!! How wonderful is that? Yes, another year to photograph new things, places and people. I rarely make resolutions because I think we should try and change or better ourselves all year round. However, this year I am making the exception of starting a resolution on January and that is to blog more. I want to share more and let you all get to know me since you are trusting me with your memories. 

First thing I want to share is that I am a mom before a photographer so I understand and feel your pain when your session doesn’t go perfect. I have a 14 year old son who is over the “let’s take photos of you” phase and a 9 year old daughter who on a good day takes lovely photos looking oh so pretty and on bad days cries and screams that she doesn’t want to do it (minutes after telling me that she wanted to). So believe me when I say that it is okay for your teen to not want to smile or feel uncomfortable at first or for your little one to smile and then kick and scream for what seems to be random reasons. I feel your pain guys! It is okay, don’t get frustrated or embarrassed. I’ve been through my share of crazy shoots, tantrums, embarrassing moments, etc. This isn’t my first rodeo!

I am also a wife who begs the handsome man she married to cooperate with me in family portraits (he is not fond of photos despite being rather good looking). So I feel your pain when husbands at the last minute say never mind I don’t want to do it or when kids go crazy mid session they want to call it quits or just aren’t having it. It happens, I understand. All’s not lost though, there is almost always a way to get a little one to come around (trust me, I have done almost everything- from getting hit in the head when a little one found it funny to white lies about seeing bunnies – yes….sorry to say I did that once out of despair) or a husband to feel comfortable – I vow never to pose him in a cheesy way or make him stand a certain way that makes him cringe.

I aim to make you all feel comfortable with direction but not posing you. Your images should be you at your best not a weirdly posed or over edited you (I mean Photoshop can be overdone- believe me, I’ve seen it). So don’t feel bad when your little one throws a tantrum, it has and will happen again. Don’t be upset if the family session ends up being you and the kids (I have done that when the Mr said no way baby girl I don’t want to do it). Speaking of which, I came up with a great way to get my way when it comes to annual family images – I make them a Christmas present to mom – this way no one can say no! Sneaky I know! 😉

Until next time!





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