To print or not to print….

I have been contemplating offering printing services (prints, canvases, etc) with sessions because although I LOVE having photographs throughout my home I often forget to print them. Yeah! GUILTY!!! I post them, share with friends, put as desktop image, phone background and then….forget to print them. Also I am notorious for feeling guilty about removing images from frames but when I do print them I have no choice but to frame them and put them up.

For the past months I have been contemplating offering the images in print/canvas and other products but not sure if to do that with package (include pricing in fee) or reduce pricing and you select which images to print, what size/price, etc. Any thoughts from you all would be appreciated as I want to finalize this decision as soon as possible. I have gotten some feedback from clients and it was all towards offering the images printed rather than digital delivery or CD (which are just about obsolete).

It’s almost mid January 2017 already – whaaatttt?? Yeah crazy – and I am doing a Valentine’s set up this year and I will have a cute Mother’s Day set up and special to get your spring images in!! More on that soon via Facebook and Instagram. Seniors, if you want to book with me and haven’t please contact me as soon as possible – filling up dates very quickly.


p.s. For those of you who know me, I am a DIE HARD STEELERS FAN and my team has been doing fantastic so I will book around the times they play. Fellow Steelers fans – you get a discount for being a fan.  STEELER NATION!!!!


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